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A Tough Compact Highly Elastic Brushable Sealing Compound Reinforced with Fibres


Seals & totally waterproofs leaking areas instantly

The dense compact texture reinforced with fibres bridges & seals holes (>1cm) Excellent to bridge & seal cracked sections

Outstanding adhesion to virtually all surfaces Galvanised or Colour Bond Roofng Iron, Bitumen, Concrete, Hard PVC, Polyester, Aluminium, Glass, Etc

Perfect for sealing leaking roofs – terraces – gutters downpipes – chimney bases – brick work – asphalt concrete floors

Ideal to Stop Seepage

Porous substances: wood, concrete or stone must be dry before applying Coltogum Water Stop

Coltogum Water Stop

Retains permanent elasticity up to 1300%

High temperature resistance

Fully resistant to noxious substances of the atmosphere: Ultra violet rays – mineral acids – alkalis – sea water. Not resistant to solvents

Resists all types of fungal growth – moss – mildew – etc

Bitumen free ensuring no cracking with age. Brush or roll on straight from the can. Apply to cracks at right angles to the direction of cracking

Consumption approximately 1.5 litres per sq metre ie: 5 litres covers approximately 3 1/2 sq metres

Light grey colour
Once dry can be coated with acrylic paint

Neutral odour

Toxicity classification: none

Supplied in 750ml & 5 litres tins

Storage – keeps for several years if tin securely sealed

Coltogum Water Stop Top Quality Swiss Leak Sealing Compound

Manufactured to suit the everyday operations of the professional & DIY market


Tick A tough fibreglass self adhesive tape

Tick Recommended to bridge and reinforce
wide cracks and holes before applying
Coltogum Water Stop

Tick Interior or exterior application

Fibatape Rolls
48mm x 20 metre roll
150mm x 23 metre roll


Coltogum Water Stop Leak Sealer is Available from major Plumbing Suppliers & numerous selected Plumbing Supply Stores Contact us for your nearest location in Australia –

Email Leak Sealer

Rely on the One Sure Way to Stop Leaking Problems

Metalock Engineering P/L is the authorised Australian distributor for Coltogum®