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Coltogum Application Tips

Water Stop

Highly elastic brushable sealing compound. Seals in any weather.


The Perfect Sealing Characteristics
Guarantee a Secure Superior Permanent Repair
Totally Waterproof Immediately after Application
The Tough Durable Protecting Layer
Retains Continual Elasticity of 1300%
Can be Applied to a Wet Surface - Ideal for Seepage Problems

A TOUGH COMPACT HIGHLY ELASTIC BRUSHABLE SEALING COMPOUND The Dense Compact Texture Reinforced with Fibres Bridges & Seals Holes ( >1cm) - Excellent to Bridge & Seal Cracked Sections

Outstanding Adhesion - Can be used on Pratically any Type of Surface
Galvanised or Colour Bond Roofing Iron ♦ Tiles ♦ Shingles ♦ Bitumen ♦ Concrete ♦ Hard PVC.
Polyester ♦ Aluminium ♦ Glass ♦ etc.
Porous substrates: wood, concrete or stone must be dry before application
High resistance against noxious substances of the atmosphere
Ultra Violet Rays ♦ Acids ♦ Alkalis & Sea Water - Not Resistant to Solvents
Coltogum Strong enough to bear a persons weight after a sufficient hardening period
Resists : All Types of Fungal Growth - moss - mildew - etc
Resistant to very high temperatures - Free of Bitumen
Remove all dirt from the defective area
Apply Coltogum Water Stop - One coat is normally sufficient
Light grey colour which can be painted after curing:
Dust dry after 4 hours
FIBATAPE: A Tough Fibreglass Self-Adhesive Tape
Use to Bridge & Reinforce Wide Cracks & Holes
Before Applying Coltogum Water Stop
Interior or Exterior Application

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